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little miss can't be wrong.
01 January 2017 @ 05:07 pm
hello friends. happy 2017.

and now the question: are people really switching over to dreamwidth? is this a thing people are definitely doing? i've skimmed some of the posts talking about the recent lj shit that's causing some people to worry, but the only thing i really use this journal for is hih so if that doesn't cross over, then there isn't really a reason for me to? what are you guys doing?
little miss can't be wrong.
27 December 2016 @ 09:07 pm

the end of the year collection:
the songs downloaded throughout 2016 that i listened to the most.
in no particular order, but grouped for your listening pleasure:
[listen] [download]

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little miss can't be wrong.
21 October 2016 @ 11:14 pm
i've been crashing on my mother's couch for a few days a week lately because of the stupid fucking animals in the walls and ceiling of my bedroom and apparently sleep-deprived me is really into somewhat-period films with large costume and cinematography budgets?

which leaves me with the questions of:

do i want to make tags of crimson peak first because of the vivid colors and gothic cinematography? do i want to make tags of the live-action cinderella film first because of the bright colors and pretty cinematography and hair?

or the real question, why does my brain gravitate to films chock-full of over-sized dresses and countryside manors when it is three in the morning? what is this? who am i? why didn't lily james' eyebrows match her blonde hair? SO MANY QUESTIONS. 
little miss can't be wrong.
so i was gonna post an update on everything that's been happening lately, but i just don't have the energy. i don't have the energy for much of anything, actually, because i haven't slept through the night in over a week and a half. idk if i posted about it here, but this past spring there were a family of woodpeckers who drilled a bunch of holes into the side of my house, right along one of the walls of my bedroom. well, the local woodland creatures have discovered those holes recently, and the lower temperatures have sent them heading for warmer pastures...in my bedroom walls. and ceiling. and the walls and ceiling of my closet. and the bathroom.

what i am saying here is, every single night these motherfuckers start pecking and scratching and moving around in the framework of my bedroom and I CANNOT FUCKING SLEEP. they start between 2:30am and 3:00am every night? like how the fuck do they know when it is that exact time?? every night it starts in that same half hour because i am sleeping and then they start making noise and i wake up and roll over and look at the clock and it is always in that same half hour??? they make noise for a few minutes and then they stop for a minute and i lie there and think MAYBE THIS TIME but NOPE THEN THEY START BACK UP AGAIN.

this is when normal people would call an exterminator, but i live with my grandmother and she has my father come around whenever there is shit that needs to be done. broken washing machine? call my dad. lawn need mowing? call my dad. car brakes go out? call my dad. the thing is, my father is not reliable in the slightest ALSO HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO FIX THINGS and we have a distant and strained relationship at best. my grandmother of course sees him as her lovely perfect youngest male child who can do no wrong we fight about this often so right now i am just fucked. i can't sleep at home until my father fixes this problem which means some half-assed solution will be put in place sometime in the next month when he can be fucked to care for five minutes so i am currently crashing on my mother's couch in her condo complex until further notice.

i've been functioning at that sleep-deprived incoherency level for like a week now and the kids at the preschool i work with are starting to notice. this past week i have managed to:

  • walk backwards so hard into a counter that i now have a gash on my back seriously how the fuck does that even happen. like it actually bled. wtf.

  • call a child by the wrong name for an entire day you think i'd figure it out when they didn't answer the first ten times i called them but NOPE

  • become incapable of actual words when i raise my voice i saw a kid literally step on another kid's head today and all i could manage was a "HEY HEY HEEYYYY I - WAIT - YOU - NOOOOOOO NO NO NO - STOP FEET STOP WITH THE FEET"

little miss can't be wrong.
15 September 2016 @ 09:08 pm
do you ever have something so important to do that you spend over an hour recoding your flourish storefront instead because you are incapable of not procrastinating? and does that remind you of a time two weeks ago where you did the exact same thing except that time it was instituting an entire new lj layout on your journal? and does it ever make you angry that the thing you were procrastinating both times was actually the EXACT SAME FUCKING ASSIGNMENT and the first time you blew off the due date and the second time you blew off your extension? and do you ever wonder why you can't fucking finish the last assignment of the last class of your entire college career? because i do.
little miss can't be wrong.
Alright, so.

If I am making a mix for a relationship between two characters who are pretty different personality-wise, do I:

- make one mix with alternating points of view
(which tells the whole story but risks being a bit disjointed with the conflicting music styles), or

- make two mixes for the two separate points of view
(which is more cohesive but only tells one side of the story at a time)?

Because I like the sort of call/response or question/answer aspect of having two sides of the story represented in one mix, but I can't tell if the alternating music styles are too jarring? I mean, it isn't like I am interspersing death metal with hipster folk, but I wonder which is more important: the narrative of the mix, or the flow of the playlist?

also if nowheretogo26 can guess what ship i am talking about in this post i am quitting mix-making forever because i am stupidly predictable
little miss can't be wrong.
29 June 2016 @ 06:07 pm
so now that orphan black season four is over
and i have finally calmed down about shadowhunters:

do i dive back into the pacific rim fandom or the star wars: tfa fandom?

summer problems.
little miss can't be wrong.
FINALLY FINISHED MY SIMON LEWIS MIX, which means I am over halfway done with my completely unnecessary and self-imposed SHADOWHUNTERS MIX SERIES. I'm kinda pissed at myself for completing mixes for all four of the male characters before either of the two female ones, but I have the tendency to want mixes about female characters to have mostly (if not all) tracks with female vocalists, which I don't have as many of. Clary and Izzy's mixes are both glaring at me from my iTunes right now. Sigh.

BUT ON A GOOD NOTE, I like the cover art for Simon's mix the best out of any of the ones that I have done lately and not just because the first three were kinda half-assed if we're being honest. I might edit the second line of text a bit more because it looks a little off to me, but eh.

I swear this show has the lighting of a poorly-constructed séance for like 75% of its scenes.
little miss can't be wrong.
20 June 2016 @ 06:32 pm
This past Tuesday was my last day of work at the preschool until September, and I Saturday my mother and I left for a vacation down on Cape Cod. We rented a little cottage down the street from the beach and it is the cutest little place ever. There isn't a ton of stuff to do here - unless you are into nautical-themed clothing and decorations, in which case you could come here and have a fucking ball of a time - so basically we're hanging out at the beach or driving down to Provincetown, which is on the very tippity tip of the curvy end of Massachusetts. As of Day Two here, we've only just settled in and been to one of the beaches.

Now, usually I don't wear sunscreen at all bad Olivia since I don't tend to stay in the sun for too long, but since we were planning on staying at the beach all day I figured it would be a horrible idea not to put any on. Well, you know what else is horrible? MY SUNSCREEN APPLYING TECHNIQUE, APPARENTLY. Even with multiple applications of the stuff, I am in some pretty spectaular pain right now. ALSO, I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. Because the thing is, when you get a sunburn all over your body, people are like, "Oh, looks like someone was stupid enough to forget the sunscreen." But when you get a sunburn in ODDLY-SHAPED PATCHES ALL OVER YOUR BODY, PEOPLE ARE LIKE "HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO FUCK UP THAT BADLY?" Or at least I assume that is what they are thinking, because it's definitely what I am thinking.

Somehow, in one day's worth of beaching, I have managed to get a sunburn on:
- the strip of skin between my nose and my upper lip (does that have a name?)
- my neck, but NOT THE ENTIRE THING JUST LIKE THE BOTTOM HALF which totally doesn't look weird AT ALL
- this weird patch on the front of my right shoulder where the very clear not-tanned line of my bikini strap is
- my upper back. like all of it.
- the entirety of the back of both of my legs. literally heel to where my bikini bottom started. RED AS FUCK. and i know i applied sunscreen there at least once so that's just like a double fuck you from the sun.

here's what my weird-looking 'wtf olivia' partial neck sunburn looks like, in case you needed some validation that your life choices weren't that awful:

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So yeah. Good times. Since there is no way to really sit or lie down without touching the backs of your legs to some sort of surface, I am inwardly swearing like a sailor. A salty sailor with a devout love of profanity. So maybe a pirate then? I don't even know anymore, honestly...ANYONE HAVE ANY GOOD SUNBURN REMEDIES?
little miss can't be wrong.
- my clary fairchild fanmix, the third in that shadowhunter series i have been working on, is like 40% clary discovering her calling and becoming a badass and like 60% clace feels. which isn't fair, right? girl totally deserves her own mix. so i should get rid of most of the clace songs. but then like...i have a clace mix now. did i ask for a clace mix? nooooooo. am i gonna have to go ahead and make one now with art and shit? PROBABLY.

do these two gifs relate to anything? NOPE. but that is how i feel about this clace mix. and this head cold. and the like three different cold medications i might have mixed just now. I AM TOTALLY GOING TO DELETE THIS POST LATER WHEN I AM COUGH-SYRUP-SOBER. JUST YOU WAIT. JUST YOOOOOOOOOOOOU WAIT. /hamiltonreferenceFUCK